Module 1

Notice, Learn, Repeat/Model, Preserve (NLRP) Howard Gardner talks about our 7 intelligences – Linguistic, Mathematical (Logical), Kinesthetic (Bodily), Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Spatial and Musical. Harvard University did a study using Polarized glass (glasses which invert the images we see). After a few hours of wear, the subjects could see normally. The brain compensated for the inverted image. They removed the glasses and the real world images were inverted. 90% of seeing occurs behind the eye. JUMP IN with all your energy and you will learn more. Learning is a doing something, then getting rid of the unwanted parasitic movements (extra, un-needed movements). Parasitic movements are reduced through practice and time. Dr. George Solomon of California State University demonstrated that the hypothalamus (limbic system) effects the immune system. Incisions cut into the hypothalamus suppressed the immune system. The hypothalamus effects endocrine production in our body. (Hypothalamus/limbic systems identified as the seat of emotions and subconscious reaction). The Ground rules: play, participate, experience.

Module Structure

Notes to the Parents

Dear Parents, it's a great opportunity for you to look up to and learn from your own superheroes who exists even outside of their costumes as they are real people with real problems and vulnerabilities.

Notes to the Students

As superhero, you'd always see that there is a real fight between good & evil and it's your chance to be empowered within you to understand the real situation behind you and see whats right & wrong in your own environment & making healthier choices, healthier foods and being compassionate towards helping others.These all powers are within you , this booklet will help you to visualize all these powers and by viruses of all these powers, influence the world around you i.e. your family, friends and community. You know that superheroes are known to have great power & abilities & like them you can learn ,grow and have powers like them and be a best version of yourself. With this playbook, you would be able to define your demons , pass all those hurdles ,move forward and be stronger than ever.