How can I train myself to be a superhero?

Module 2

Visualization is difficult to explain, it’s our ability to create pictures in our mind based on our fives senses i.e. what we see, hear,feel,smell or taste. Visualization strengthens skills of young brains as students to gain a more thorough understanding of what they need to understand by consciously using the words to create mental images. As students gain more deliberate practice with this skill, the act of visualizing text books becomes automatic. Students who visualize as they being able to do everything have a richer experience of achieving & recalling the knowledge they gained. This gives a more meaningful learning and growing experience in kids and promotes continued development.

Module Structure

What is the Power of Visualization?

Visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination, mental images, and the power of thoughts, to make dreams and goals come true.

Super Hero Kids

My Super Hero

This is the most important step. At it's foundation, a superhero uses the things that they have to help those who don't have them. Batman used his supreme wealth to keep the citizens of Gotham safe. The Green Lantern uses his immense powers to save multiple universes on a daily basis, and Spiderman uses his web-slinging awesomeness to keep the people of New York safe. Think about what it is that you can give that nobody else can.

Super Hero Kids

Developing good habits

Habits are a great way to develop success-thinking to overcome challenges. Every superhero needs to have good habits that they need to develop to have super powers

Super Hero Kids

Attitude matters

Hey superhero, How is it going? Are you having fun ? Let's have more fun because as superhero we wanna be better in school, sports or other activities, don't we? Do you want your parents to treat you better? There is one simple way to do this. Get better on your attitude! Attitude is what we think about something or someone. It often shapes how we react to the things that happen to us. Attitude will shape your life for better or for worse.

Super Hero Kids

Power House of Super Hero(Anchor)

Creating your own Power House is a way to help the child access a positive state. While Doing this process , do me a favour and ensure that you don't anchor only one charm, in case it gets lost. Create your multiple power house for different tasks. For example create apower house to your own or your siblings photograph: this is a good idea in a situation where you're away from your home & feeling homesick, this power house will work magic here

Super Hero Kids

Learning strategies

We work with many superheroes from time to time. Every one of them sometime face problem to learn and remember. This part of making of superheroes work with a lot of kids and everyone have some pretty good results. We had a lot of good results with kid superheroes. Kids are really great learning using these tools and techniques to simple to learn with a child superhero.

Super Hero Kids

Laughing exercise

This activity is perfect for stimulating laughter in kids.

Do you agree that laughter is contagious and produces many feelings of well-being, including relaxation.

You only have to observe the happiness of the environment to feel it yourself.