I can train my brain to be a superhero?

Visualization is difficult to explain, it's our ability to create pictures in our mind based on our fives senses i.e. what we see, hear,feel,smell or taste.

I can be more active & creative

I am on my path to have all my powers?

Super Speed is a super-power that allows a person to move faster than humanly possible. This power is not only helpful for your sports and exercise but also for all the tasks that you do and finishing all your tasks easily, efficiently and with speed is a great skill to have for any superhero.

I can learn from my mistakes?

"Staying Calm and Relax is very important for a superhero, so deep muscle relaxation techniques are designed specifically for superhero gang. "

Daily Task

Notes to the Students

Dear Children, it’s a great opportunity for you to look up to and learn from your own superheroes who exists even outside of their costumes as they are real people with real problems and vulnerabilities.

notes to students

As superhero, you’d always see that there is a real fight between good & evil and it’s your chance to be empowered within you to understand the real situation behind you and see whats right & wrong in your own environment & making healthier choices, healthier foods  and being compassionate towards helping others.These all powers are within you , this booklet will help you to visualize all these powers and by viruses of all these powers, influence the world around you i.e. your family, friends and community.

You know that superheroes are known to have great power & abilities & like them you can learn ,grow and have powers like them and be a best version of yourself. With this playbook, you would be able to define your demons , pass all those hurdles ,move forward and be stronger than ever.