I can train my brain to be a superhero?

Visualization is difficult to explain, it's our ability to create pictures in our mind based on our fives senses i.e. what we see, hear,feel,smell or taste.

I can be more active & creative

I am on my path to have all my powers?

Super Speed is a super-power that allows a person to move faster than humanly possible. This power is not only helpful for your sports and exercise but also for all the tasks that you do and finishing all your tasks easily, efficiently and with speed is a great skill to have for any superhero.

I can learn from my mistakes?

"Staying Calm and Relax is very important for a superhero, so deep muscle relaxation techniques are designed specifically for superhero gang. "

Daily Task

Notes to the Parents

Superheroes always have a good influence on children and can for instance teach kids to support others or allow them to find their strengths and develop morals.

This program
Helps your child to visualize their role model & increase their ability to find solutions;
it’s a tool through which children can find the courage to deal with real situations of their life Allows kids to dare, to express brave & be the best version of themselves.

it’s a great tool to acknowledge your kids vulnerabilities and limitations as elements to make them unique. Please ensure that you discuss all the aspects of this playbook with your child so they stay grounded without getting lost in an imaginary world.

This is really important for us as parents to Identify the hidden potentail behind these characters,& let it stay in the imaginary world becaus ethere is no need of these imaginary characters to come out from reality as staying in a fantasy is helpful for coping with reality and accepting it, with it’s flaws.

This online course is dynamically changing and growing every day based on the need of kids in this changing environment. Every parent will get chance to monitor the progress of kids and will get chance to speek with one of our coaches to discuss any special needs.