What is the Power of Visualization?

Lesson 3 Module 2

Visualisation is a mental technique that uses the imagination, mental images, and the power of thoughts, to make dreams and goals come true.

Visualisation improves anyone's life by setting the goal more clearer and pushing us more towards the success and prosperity. it's a powerful tool that helps you to get a vivid experience of your goals.Those who know this secret understands the technique knows that this It uses the powers of the mind for every success.

For any superhero who does this technique, takes it,as if it's a magic By visualising a certain situation. But we know that there is no magic involved, it's only the natural process of the power of giving pictures to your words or other senses.

This technique works in a way that our mind creates images and pictures for all the things that we repeat again and again & finally a power is created around your thoughts. Our kids can acknowledge their own inner resources to cope & manage their learning.

Now Let's do an exercise which is a interactive exercise of parents and kids.

Sit in a quiet place
You may close your eyes , relax....breathe slowly and deeply ...
You all can breathe and feel it right, let's have the feeling and control the breathing……...

Ask yourself "When have you been able to easily visualize a solution to a problem you faced recently"?

You've seen the jelly and you know how it looks like but now just don't think of any jelly or how your lungs take the breathe just think of yourself and don't even think about those happy moments yet when you were enjoying the beach or listening you your favorite music hold it and just don't think of the YET, not yet. Thanks right ok let us feel the breathing first…...
The more you relax the better you feel, the better you feel the deeper you go... and the more you are aware of the air going in and out of your lungs... relax...

The more relaxed the deeper you'll go... the deeper you go, the more you'll relax... the more you relax the deeper you go....
And as you go deeper relaxed, physically and mentally, mentally and physically - let my words begin to work immediately... and let the sound of my voice go with you, NOW.